Thomas v2.0

Coming late Winter 2010

Thomas Novikoff version 2.0

Press Release:
Literally I am going to be redesigned. A major system malfunction has necessitated the redesign. The goal is to eventually have an operating system with all the same features as the current model but without the crippling yellow screen of death popping up then degrading hardware. System Engineers determined that a simple patch, or hardware replacement would not fix the issue. This necessitated the redesign. Power may be significantly lower at first but continuous system upgrades are anticipated, and the goal is no further redesigns in the future.

New operating system
Sleeker design
Less multi-day battery life

Expected weight 63-64 kgs
Expected Cost: Hopefully free, as insurance should cover damages to current version 1.13.3b

Exact date of beginning alpha testing is unknown, beta testing is to commence Jan 1st 2010. Expected pre-release event[barring complications] is February 20th at Trimmer Springs Reservoir east of Clovis, CA
Official release is TBA, most likely March 14th 2010.

Stay tuned. More details will be available in the coming days.

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