I Get It

I want a shirt with this printed on it.  Truly smart people who haven't seen it before (and have a sense of humor) couldn't help but chuckle.   If you like smart girls this would a good way to weed out the airheads.


Winter Wonderland

WAC Champs!

It's official Hawaii has clinched at least a tie for the WAC football championship this year by demolishing New Mexico State 59-24.   Fourth time ever (1992,1999, 2007-outright champ, now 2010)

One thing of note Alex Green ran (yes Hawaii does run the ball sometimes) for a school record (the old record was set 60 years ago) 327 yards on 19 carries.  He now has 1032 yards rushing for the season, the last 1K rusher for Hawaii was in 1992 when Travis Sims did it.  Just beastly today.

Greg Salas became the all time receiving yards leader in Hawaii history, first to surpass 4000 career yards.  With another beastly effort of 10 receptions for 190 yards.

Hawaii just keeps putting up video game numbers, gotta love college football.

Oh and I didn't even mention the insanity of last nights Nevada Boise State game.  I'm still dumbfounded, but not as much as this guy.


God Of War 3

Just picked it up online for $34.99, check that off the list.

Going outside for a ride today in a few hours, we'll see how that goes.

Thomas (avoiding the malls at all costs today) Novikoff...


Happy Thanksgiving

Today I actually had a wonderful day, and any one of those I am truly thankful for.

I woke up early to help out for the Turkey Day Mt Ham lowkey hillclimb.  I decided I'd be the guy who schlepped up all the gear everyone didn't want to carry up the hill, but wanted for the chilly ride down.  I got to chat with my friends and new found friends before the start.  Got in my car and drove to the top of Mt Hamilton.  At the top I was greeted with this.
Icy snow.  Dropped off everyone's clothing.  After an hour and 11 minutes Ryan Sherlock (Ireland) beats out an ingonito Eric Wohlberg (Canada) as they cross the line 1st and 2nd.  When did the lowkey start getting international?  I head back down the mountain go home, take a hot shower.  Then I jump on the trainer for 1/2 an hour, while calling my mom in Hawaii.  Then head over to Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving dinner at with the Takemoto's.  Despite my GI problems I was actually able to enjoy the food including the traditional bird (see below)
Looks good doesn't it.

It's been a tough year for me and spending time today with friends and adopted family, while miles away from my parents and biological family, was such a blessing.  My eyes are tearing up.

Happy Thanksgiving 



Finally somebody gets it. Still not buying a Kia though.


Hope It's Worth The Wait

GT 5 has been something like 300 years in the making.  Finally it's coming out on Wednesday, no more delays...I think.
Been waiting since March to get this, hoping for a price drop.  Eventually it will, I wouldn't spend more than $40 on it.  Right now it's $39.99 at Amazon.
December 7th, my favorite movie of 2010 is coming to Blu-Ray/DVD.  I really need to see it again.


Hawaii Demolishes Spartans

41-7.  SJSU couldn't do anything, Hawaii is really good this year.  (Boise St. should be ranked #1 IMO).  

The Spartans really could have used Mint Berry Crunch!

Hooray Saturday

Fall Saturdays are some of the favorite days of the year for me, because it means COLLEGE FOOTBALL.  It's like every Saturday during the season is like the first round of the NCAA basketball tourney with multiple games going on at once.  The occasional upset makes it better.  I digress.

Today is the battle of my alma maters,  Hawaii vs. SJSU.   I root for Hawaii because I was a born Hawaii fan, also the Spartans aren't very good.  Chase in point from the Honolulu Star Advertiser
I will watch (or listen to) every Hawaii game irregardless of opponent.  So at 7:30 pm PST, don't bug me I'm busy :)

Top 5 other games to watch (if you can find them on tv...)

1. Stanford v. Cal:  "The band is on the field!"
2. Army v. Notre Dame :  @ the new Yankee Stadium
3. Northwestern v. Illinois: @ Wrigley Field (on ESPNU, I will need to find alt feed)
4. Tennessee v. Vanderbilt: 106th all time meeting, and Vandy is my favorite school east of the Mississippi
5. Virginia Tech v. Miami (FL):  Big game for Boise State's BCS game chances.

Taking the weekend easy, trainer only, not just due to the weather.  The 10 hours plus of training I did this week despite some major abdominal discomfort.

Hopefully I will feel better on Thursday, so I can ride up Mt Ham, a LowKey Hillclimb tradition.