Happy Thanksgiving

Today I actually had a wonderful day, and any one of those I am truly thankful for.

I woke up early to help out for the Turkey Day Mt Ham lowkey hillclimb.  I decided I'd be the guy who schlepped up all the gear everyone didn't want to carry up the hill, but wanted for the chilly ride down.  I got to chat with my friends and new found friends before the start.  Got in my car and drove to the top of Mt Hamilton.  At the top I was greeted with this.
Icy snow.  Dropped off everyone's clothing.  After an hour and 11 minutes Ryan Sherlock (Ireland) beats out an ingonito Eric Wohlberg (Canada) as they cross the line 1st and 2nd.  When did the lowkey start getting international?  I head back down the mountain go home, take a hot shower.  Then I jump on the trainer for 1/2 an hour, while calling my mom in Hawaii.  Then head over to Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving dinner at with the Takemoto's.  Despite my GI problems I was actually able to enjoy the food including the traditional bird (see below)
Looks good doesn't it.

It's been a tough year for me and spending time today with friends and adopted family, while miles away from my parents and biological family, was such a blessing.  My eyes are tearing up.

Happy Thanksgiving 


djconnel said...
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djconnel said...

(I corrected a small typo in my previous comment)

Thanks, Thomas! It was really great having you help out yesterday.

I of course wish you the best of luck in your treatment. It's a very tough road to ride, I realize, and I can only wonder how I'd handle the challenge you face now. But there's progress every year on treatment protocol, and I'm sure you're in the best of hands.

It means a lot to me that you were out there yesterday.