Post Surgery

It's not as horrible as I thought it would be. Not to say it's been a cakewalk. The surgery was 9 hours long, the surgeon found the bile duct was more compromised than originally thought. Nonetheless it went as well as possible for such a thing. The first day was miserable, and moving was painful, felt like my abs were spasming and cramping. Just sat and watched tv while trying not to stress my horribly sore abs. By the 2nd day they wanted me walking around, so I did wasn't too bad. After 4 days I was able to move better and was able to have a Popsicle. The next day I had some soft food with no problem, and the next "regular" food. That made me noxious, but I really think it was just the horrible hospital food that I wouldn't have eaten before the surgery. Then the incision area got tight and I couldn't stand up straight anymore. The back hurt as I hunched over when I walked. Then they took out all my IV's and one drain tube (wish they took out the other one), and kicked me out. It's better at home, the food doesn't make me want to vomit, and I have my PS3. The only thing's annoying me are this drain which nothing is draining into, my tight abdomen (I miss standing up straight), and that I never heard anything from pathology. So I'm still in the dark and probably will be until I can get another appointment, which I hope is soon the drain is pointless and I still have all 30 staples on my gut.

I've already started riding the trainer, mainly because I can't walk around without killing my back. That's about it. Don't feel like really elaborating, as this is boring.

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