Next Step

The scar has healed, still tight, and can't stand straight. The goods news is I can ride just fine now, with some minor back pain, that's annoying but not crippling.

Today was the first day of the anti-blood doping regime, or one part Gemcitibine and another part Cisplatin. Other than the massive amount of time wasted just getting things taken care of before I get pumped full of that crap, it wasn't bad at all. Just once a week doesn't seem as it's going to be too bad, just work time is going to suffer. Right now I feel fine, no indications of fatigue, but it's only been 8 hours, and was only infusion number 1. Next one is Tuesday, I'll see if I'll be able to race on the 23rd. I may try irregardless. That week 1, I get a break, then it's 2 more the following two weeks, a week off, repeat...

One thing I noticed in SF, aside from the traffic (which is still better than Oahu) is SF has some HOOOTTT ladies just walking around. It's startling. Waiting to be standing up straight again, that hunched look isn't appealing.

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