Nobody writes blogs anymore, but people still read what's left...?

I'm sick of facebook, the short blurbs leave you scratching your head. Worse is when people say they are going to do something then nothing...no follow up. Anyway.

It's been up and down since the last post. Had a few good races, and some bad ones. My weight is the biggest issue. I eat and eat but don't put on much if any weight, then I destroy all my gains with what I think are productive hard 3 hour weekend rides. Then I race and get throttled. I actually hung to the end of Cantua Creek, then dropped on the finish hill, 20th. At Fort Ord, I stayed in the remnants of the main pack to the finish, and did pretty good on a hilly course, 15th. Snelling was over before it started as I redlined chasing back after getting caught behind a crash, DNF. Today I did a Time Trial, 9.7 miles, and started great then lack of practice showed as I mentally cracked, 25:30 ish, lame.

My main problem is my treatment is hammering my blood cells. My hemocrit has fluctuated between 39 and 35 the past two months. I'm typically a 43. That's not the only issue but it's killing my power. My 10 minute max is about 280W now, my record is 358W. Going to have to do intervals and stop just riding around if I have any ambition of not getting dropped. Also my white blood cells have been below alert levels which has set me back a number of weeks. Actually the fact I'm worried about my 10 minute power after all I've been through and am going through is quite absurd. But if I couldn't ride my bike....I probably not be single :)

I'm glad I'm not in Hawaii though. I'd be going stir crazy as they don't have a road race until June O_o How lame is that? I got to get back to Final Fantasy XIII, because it's awesome.

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