Six Ninety Nine!

$6.99 for a processing fee? Are you kidding me? Is active.com going to have some hot tri girl suck my....Dick Evans?

Oh, sorry. Trying to keep this PG-13.

I signed up for the big DICK on September 5th, had to take out a payday loan (maybe not). This will really test me, as I have been having trouble downing the calories, and haven't done a ride over 4 hours ALL YEAR (must stop typing in all caps). Not going to think I can win, but I have to at least stay with the main group to the Temple of the Valleys feed. On my ride today I felt as if I can still do it, because Hawaii cycling isn't exactly NorCal. Hawaii races are about the same speed as cat 4 races here.

On my ride today I was rolling up easy to a red like on Brokaw, and some fat shmuck in a large white American sedan honked for me to get out of the way. I almost chased them down but he lost me in the BAY 101 parking lot. Mind you it is 9am, and the Bay 101 casino parking lot is full. WTF?

Well come to find out he was running late to the 9am tournament Bay 101 runs every Saturday. What a waste.

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