When It Rains It Pours

Hawaii just destroyed Utah St today 45-7. It wasn't even close, they allowed something like 150 total yards while gaining over 500. Moniz threw two bad passes in the first half, or it would have been worse. All this while there was a driving rainstorm which coincided with Hawaii running over the Aggies. Of note, Alex Green ran for 4 TD's the first time since 1995 when option QB Glenn Freitas did it against UNLV (sorry no pics available, the internet was still only in Al Gore's pants then) and he ran for 172 yards, wow.

I went on a harsh ride today. I think the ride I did yesterday took some power out of my legs, but I soldiered on. Up and down and up and... just check out strava
I was fortunate the rain held out for the morning.  Got a decent ride in, this afternoon's been ugly, and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.

So many people out driving this morning, just lame.  Where is everybody (not) going?

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