Should Be In Manila

Anyone in Manila can rob a bank for me right now?  You could probably go unnoticed...Manny P is fighting.  I don't need the money right now.

Anyway I'm just hurting, my digestive system is in knots, my doctors are indifferent about it, and I'm almost out of hydrocodone.  May need to try Tylenol, and much milk thistle during the day (to keep my liver from getting worse).  I'm pretty sure I have IBS, but doctors don't have much they can do for IBS.  So I'm going to try to alter my diet, with the help of other people online who've suffered from this major annoyance.  The only things that help me right now are exercise, and my hand held massager.

It's been a miserable week or two on many levels.  But I get to bling out my training bike rather inexpensively thanks to Ritchey's new 2011 Classic components and a German bike shop (where I found them for cheap).
Below is the result.  I stink at taking pictures.
One I should have gotten the white hoods (they grey stands out), and the Chrome Deda Handlebar tape is hard to wrap (doesn't stretch easily).  Close up it has some flaws but from about 10 feet or further it looks amazing...  I did make one $60 mistake when I accidentally cut the powertap cable.  I think I'll replace it once I can get control of my intestines.  

Sorry I can't be witty right now, just not in the mood.  Going to watch south park online now, I could use a laugh.

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