One Goal

"I haven't seen you in a while."
"I've been real sick..." I usually leave it at that unless the issue gets further pressed. I don't want any charity, I don't want a fundraiser in my name, I don't want to be a self servant egotistical waif. Lot's of people get "sick" and have to let the whole world know. I don't care...I don't care if I'm in the newspaper or making headlines (sure my club's sponsors would love it). All I want to do is ride my bike. I just wish I could still hang with the elite riders. Now I'm languishing at the bottom of the results list. I try.

Today I decided to hone my gravel road skills (I've been a sissy lately). So off I head to the airport(?). Then down the Guadalupe Trail. Mind you it's 7am, and shadows infiltrate my field of vision. I wasn't riding very comfortably at the beginning. But it got better once I decided to practice riding between the tire/path "lines". Got to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

I got to Alviso before the park opened, unfortunately, so I took a detour, and ended up here. Just me, some seagulls, 1000 baseball players (not pictured but believe me), and bugs... Ended up at a landfill (who thought it was a good idea to make landfills right next to the ocean should be shot in the next life). I returned to Alviso and headed for the middle of the bay.

This wasn't the exact route but it's best mapmyride can do, without me manually inputting the route. Apart from the bugs, and the fishy smell that almost made me throw up around 7 miles into it, this was fun. And NO CARS, and all I saw were two humans the whole 8 mile or so loop.

Headed back to ride on the car free pavement free trail, feeling more comfortable switching sides of the trail when passing peds ("Fred" walkers). Passed the airport again, it looks cool but the new parking structure is creepy...

They almost dragged me down with them to the underworld but I made it back. Basically I was knee deep...

I think a few more dirt rides will have me ready to atleast ride Leesville before the climb respectably. Leesville that's all I care about, illness be damned.

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