I Saw a Rattlesnake Spontaneously Combust Today

Summer decided to show up finally this weekend, and I wanted to roll out early. SO much for that, damn Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds...Trader Joe's (shakes fist). My breakfast gastric overload also caused quite the discomfort riding, not only did I want to throw up, my breathing felt stunted.

My ride can be found here. http://www.strava.com/rides/190779# and here it is on google earth

My plan was to go up Mt Umunhum to the top at a steady pace, just not steady SLOW.  I died a thousand deaths on Hicks, especially on the steepest exposed parts as the heat was getting worse. I felt like turning around just a mile into the climb, but I pressed on.  Started to feel a little better on Mt Umunhum, especially in the shade, but I would like to have gone 1-2 kph faster.  By the top it was just brutally hot for me (mid 90's).  The top is at over 3200 feet elevation and has quite the views.  5 miles @10.2% 10kph avg 48 min 260 watt average, lame.   I did feel like throwing up the whole time... Had I opted for a flatter ride I would have missed this.

Legs felt okay so I hammered on for another hour and a half to have about 4500 feet of total climbing.

I was looking forward to the $3.25 Cherry Pretzel Whole Bar after the ride, but by the time I got back the throw up desire had faded.  Now I just had a desire to chug a gallon of cold water.  The bar was not so great either.  I'm going to stop wasting my money on those things.

Oh and gotta like the new blogger setup, now my pictures are larger, just they don't fit the layout super nice...don't care.

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