If the Garmin calculator was correct I may have jumped the shark today. I rode Henleyville, but the incessant accelerations from the hardmen of NorCal broke my legs quick. The 5th attack in a 3 minute stretch 10 miles into the race was too much. Just couldn't hold wheels. In fact I did at least 5 900+ watt accelerations the first 10 miles of the race. Ugh. Then the car with my wheels in it passed by and so I was stuck until the race was over so.... I put my head down and get in one wicked workout. I swore I almost clawed back to the pack before the end of the first lap, but it wasn't to be. So I proceeded to do a 40 mile solo time trial, and actually was keeping the pace steady the whole way. Finally before the end of the third lap the 3's come by and with no follow car or motorcycle I sit on at the back for a little while behind this shmuck who was tailgunning the whole time. 2 guys were riding away from the 3's pack, as those 'tards dicked around flailing away at each other. At one point I got gapped and they got about 30 seconds up the road, but I amazingly was able to hammer my way back up to them as they continued to ride idiotically. Honestly the non-Chico guys could have easily worked together to drag the two leaders back, they had 30 miles to do it..but no. The NorCal team guy in red was the biggest douche, just sitting at the back doing squat. He was more worried about me then the race when I was sitting at the back just trying to get back, he was lucky I wasn't a three because I would have chewed his ass out for his lameness. Around the last lap feed zone I let them go and got back into TT mode. Eventually I rode with a guy from Washington who missed his start by 15 minutes... no apathy for that. But he was okay, except for the fact he didn't seem to care he was wearing 2011 SWorks shoes. Damn, I could use those, but I've got to penny pinch for a while. When I got off my bike my quads were destroyed, and apparently so were my calorie reserves. If my Garmin was correct(really doubt it) I expended FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED calories in 3 hours and 20 minutes. 1321 CALORIES AN HOUR. I'm guessing that it was closer to half those numbers because had I really burned 4.4K KCal I would have bonked like no tomorrow. Either way I really needed that Whole Bar after, ouch, and still DFL, but I FINISHED! Suck it NorCal cat 3 douchebag.

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