August 20th to ????

So August 20th was my last radiation + chemo (xeloda 3000 mg/day on IMRT treatment days). A good 3 weeks ago. Maybe trying to compete on the pro-1-2 level right now is unrealistic. I mean Mr. Armstrong took a whole year to come back from his last treatment. So why am I lining up to a hillclimb today...I'm crazy? Probably. I tried to hold my own but 11 minutes after the winner crossed the line I did. I peeled off the pace (which wasn't that fast) 7:30 minutes after the start with my heart rate at 160 bpm. I tried my best but could only manage to break 50 minutes, which is pretty lame (7 minutes slower than last year). I rode all the way to the top to check out the view. Sorry no pictures...was trying to keep the weight to a minimum. I'm skipping Mt Tam on Saturday to focus on not getting dropped at Henleyville with my HED Jet 9's. They sure make me look fast.

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