Done With Facebook

Today is the last day I'm posting anything on Facebook. I'll keep my account so people can contact me but otherwise I'm done. My account is dominated by 10 people and I'm sure people are sick of my posts. Hell the interesting thing I've had to post about my Cholangiocarcinoma has gone completely unmentioned on facebook, because I don't want to be a downer to all those on facebook who lead such simple drama filled lives. Cancer makes anyone's hangovers seem so trivial.... So I have to change my account settings and vet everything on the account.

I'll still be easy to find here on this "blog" and on Strava.com where I will post every ride I do for the next year. Strava has added a new level of motivation for me. I am very motivated to try to overcome the blasted cancer treatments which reduced me to the physical ability of a cat 3 woman. Now with Strava I can measure my efforts against the pool of other strava addicts and try to best their times. I only expect this can work for another year before it's gets big and abuse with motorpacing, motorcycles, and Lamborghini's becomes rampant. As for my "comeback" I'm on a slow upward trajectory (not fast enough for me), but still have a little ways to go before the power is near what I need. Case in point.

20 min threshold 3/10/09 - 340 watts - 4.85 W/kg
20 min threshold 9/10/10 - 275 watts - 4.23 W/kg (lost 5 kg of weight)
20 min threshold needed - 315 watts to = 4.85 W/kg

If I can get to 330 watts for 20 min (a 20% increase) I'll be rolling with the big boys in NorCal. I still have about 8%-10% more hemotocrit to recover to reach 43% (my norm). It may take a few months so I have that to look forward to. In the meantime I'll work with what I have, with a little extra motivation. Or maybe I should dangle this picture in front of me while I ride as motivation.

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