Fumbling It Away

What a strange morning. Rode early to catch the Hawaii-Army game, who plays football at noon? Atleast I didn't have to watch at 6am like those in Hawaii. Hawaii dominated the first 3 series. 21-0, then the bottom fell out, Army started blitzing, the special teams started making mistakes, and the next thing you know it's 28-21 Army WT Hell? Hawaii got an emphatic touchdown to tie it. Then as time was running out Army was poised to take a game winning FG, then bam, some dude named Ulu causes a fumble and with 24 seconds left Hawaii gets the ball. Smartly they don't take a knee, and heave it down the field, and 14 seconds (football time, which is 10 minutes in reality) later Hawaii is kicking the game winning FG! Hawaii 31 Army 28. I'll take it. Hawaii needs to pick up the blitz better, and tighten up on defense, but I digress.

Then I'm watching delayed Vuelta footage, as I have avoided spoilers by not visiting spoiler filled sites. And BAM Igor Anton goes down and is out of the Vuelta, WT Hell? Craziness.

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