Too Much

Too much to talk about, not enough impetus to care to talk about it. That and I ate too much after my CT/PET scan at UCSF.  I wasn't even all that hungry even after fasting for 18 hours.  The location of the scanning building is China Basin, across the street from Willie Mays!
Good thing the Giants won Monday night in Atlanta, or this place would have been a sea of people, and possibly no parking with a game tonight.

I actually took Tuesday of from riding to ensure the scan was valid, as sore muscles induce glucose uptake.  The point of the PET scan is to identify any suspicious glucose activity after the injection of a radiative glucose tracer.  The last two have been clear, but this one was to check on me post radiation therapy.  Then hopefully no massive doses of radiation (CT scans are like 4000 x-rays, at once) for 6 months, and hell my insurance hopes so too....

It's also been very summer like the past few days.  My cyclometer maxed at 96.6 deg F in the shade. Couple that with a full stomach and you got some major nauseous riding this afternoon.  I still managed to KOM a hill that someone had beaten me a few weeks ago in.  Also hit my highest heart rate since the treatments at 172 bpm, boy did that hurt, but it felt good.  My left leg cramping up didn't.  I can't wait for it to cool off a little, 55 degrees is so nice.

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