Warriors, Just Dominant

Hawaii is dismantling Idaho. It's 45-3. Shear dominance, I can't recall a Hawaii team this overwhelming. Atleast I have this to hang my hat on because it's been a bum trip of a week otherwise. My GI system has been a bloated mess, and has been affecting my riding, specifically my breathing (atleast I think). I have been riding slow up any hill requiring any sort of lung capacity. But I have more pressing medical issues on my plate, and have to take care of those. I get to have a needle plunged into my liver Friday to see if there's more crap going on in there. Even on today's ride up to Henry Coe Park this is what I had to say about this...
I'm sick of the never ending string of doctors office visits, and setting up more appointments for all my minor ailments seems trivial.   Especially when all I want to do is ride my frickin' bike! (It hasn't stopped me yet, and won't ever)

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